Our Commitments

Our role in the community is of core importance to us as a business and we ensure that our activity meets local community needs with the greatest impact possible by working to a series of commitments:

  • 1

    Assisting needy families and individuals to have access to daily essentials

  • 2

    Contributing to national causes that promote and develop our nation and build bonds within and across our communities

  • 3

    Fostering closer relationships between people and supporting the general well-being of the public

  • 4

    Encouraging suppliers, customers and members of the public to take part in community volunteer programmes

  • 5

    Contributing to the welfare of workers and their families in Singapore

  • 6

    Promoting and supporting employee volunteerism to strengthen community impact and to increase employee morale

  • 7

    Promoting the creation and development of local businesses and suppliers through our buying and investment programmes

  • 8

    Leveraging our operational impact to provide a positive contribution to the local economy

  • 9

    Contributing and promoting the employment and training of people from the local communities in which we operate

  • 10

    Understanding the impact of our operations and integrating community issues into our business where we can

Our Practices

Making a difference to the communities we operate and serve in is a large part of our DNA and a role that we relish. There are many projects, partnerships and events which define our Community Care activity and they fall into the following three areas:

FairPrice Foundation

The FairPrice Foundation was launched in March 2008 to provide a better life for the community. It gives structure and direction to the extensive corporate giving that has become synonymous with the FairPrice brand since we first opened our doors in 1973. FairPrice Foundation is a registered charity and is entirely funded by FairPrice. FairPrice has pledged to donate S$50 million to the Foundation by 2018.


Since its formation in March 2008, the Foundation has donated over $49 million of cash and in-kind contributions to causes which fall inside the Foundation’s three key focus areas:


  • Caring for the Poor and Needy
  • Promoting National Building and Community Bonding
  • Advancing Workers' Welfare


If you are interested in knowing more about the work of the FairPrice Foundation or are seeking a grant, please visit: www.fairpricefoundation.org.

Community Partnerships

Over the years, FairPrice has enjoyed long standing and successful partnerships in the community.


Since 1983, FairPrice’s flagship project Share-A-Textbook Project (formerly 'Used Textbook Project') has collected more than 3 million textbooks. Since 2008, FairPrice has further engaged Community and Supporting Partners such as schools and corporations to be involved in this long standing and far reaching project.


FairPrice has partnered with South East Community Development Council for the last 5 years on the FairPrice Walk for Rice @ South East since 2009. Under this campaign, FairPrice pledges one bowl of rice for every 100 metres walked. Every year, S$80,000 worth of rice were donated, benefitting 7,000 low-income families.

Food From The Heart
Since 2009, FairPrice Foundation has donated $755,000 worth of cash and products to Food From The Heart (FFTH). FFTH's mission is to reach out to the less fortunate and through various programmes such as food distribution and birthday celebrations. FairPrice Foundation not only supports its causes with cash and product donations, but FairPrice also provides staff volunteers to participate in its volunteer activities such as food packing.
Boys' Brigade of Singapore
Since 2000, FairPrice has supported the Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift annually by rallying our customers to fulfill the wishes of the less fortunate through donations of daily necessities and gifts at more than 10 FairPrice stores over the Christmas period.

Beyond our long standing relationships, we also work with community partners during times of crisis. For example, we worked with the Singapore Red Cross in response to the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011, quickly putting in place store collections, and raising an additional $233,000 to the $20,000 already donated directly from FairPrice.


Our online shopping portal has provided us with new community impact opportunities. Through our partnership with National Council of Social Services our shoppers can shop online and donate products directly to Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) of their choice and those VWOs also receive a 2% discount on standard retail prices.


At FairPrice, we not only believe in giving financially, we also believe in giving our time. All employees are allowed 2 extra days of family and charity leave per year during which they can support community projects close to their hearts. We launched our structured volunteering programme in May 2012 in which we work with different partners (YMCA, Food From The Heart, Society For the Physically Disabled and Ren Ci Nursing Home) to engage our staff volunteers in different volunteering activities.


Other programmes such as the FairPrice Share-A-Textbook will also rely heavily on the volunteering efforts of our staff.

Our Targets
Current Performance
More than $49 million donated from Foundation to the community
FairPrice to donate $50 million to Foundation by 2018
Staff Volunteer Hours
2,300 staff volunteer hours

2,300 staff volunteer hours per year by 2016

Volunteering Activities
70 volunteering activities implemented
75 volunteering activities per year by 2016
Community Care
Boys' Brigade Share-a-Gift

Since 2000, FairPrice has supported the Boys' Brigade Share-a-Gift, a long standing charity project aimed at spearheading the spirit of caring and sharing with those in need through the fulfilling of special wishes for beneficiaries.


Every year, FairPrice rallies our customers in helping to fulfil these wishes through donations of daily necessities and gifts. In turn, thousands of needy families look forward to the Boys' Brigade Share-a-Gift to fulfil their Christmas wishes.


FairPrice has contributed to this project by:

  • Offering more than 10 stores as donation points for the public to donate items every year
  • Constructing giant donation boxes for collection of donated items
  • Creating an online donation platform on FairPrice Online to facilitate online donations
  • Outright cash donations to the project, which included S$50,000 in 2013


NTUC FairPrice Food Voucher Scheme

Apart from donating in forms of cash, FairPrice Foundation also donates FairPrice vouchers. At FairPrice we see the provision of food and other daily essentials as the most direct way to help needy individuals and families cope, especially during economic downturns.


The NTUC FairPrice Food Voucher Scheme was first launched in 2002 where S$1 million of FairPrice vouchers were given to help needy families copy with the economic downturn. Under this scheme, the vouchers were distributed to needy families mainly through the Advisors of the Grassroots Organisations. To date, a total of S$11 million worth of FairPrice vouchers have been distributed under this scheme.

Online Donation Scheme With NCSS

In August 2010, FairPrice partnered The National Council of Social Service (NCSS) to launch a discount scheme that enables Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) to order essential non-promotional items directly from FairPrice Online at a 2% discount off their purchases.


In addition, VWOs who have signed up for the scheme can indicate specific items that their beneficiaries require, so that members of the public may purchase the specified items online and donate them to a VWO of their choice.


More than 60 VWOs have signed up for the scheme such as Cheshire Home who expects to make significant savings on their $90,000 per annum budget for food and household items.

The Breadwinners – We Care, U Care Campaign

The "Breadwinners – We Care, U Care" Campaign, a joint annual initiative in since 2011 between FairPrice and NTUC U Care. The two-week campaign encouraged FairPrice customers and members in the labour movement to show their support for low-income workers coping with the rising cost of living.


Last year, with every loaf of FairPrice housebrand bread sold at FairPrice stores during the campaign, FairPrice Foundation donated $9.


The 2013 campaign raised a total of $1.5 million, and this went to the NTUC U-Care Fund. This fund provides assistance programmes to help low-income members cope with the rising cost of living.

Training Partnership with the Association for Persons with Special Needs

FairPrice has partnered the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) to offer their students aged 13 years and above vocational training in retail.  As part of a broader course in hospitality, food and beverage and retail, selected APSN teachers from the school were provided with free training by the FairPrice Training Institute. The training covered the basics of supermarket operations in order that they could then train their students.


To facilitate this training, FairPrice provided APSN with a wide range of merchandising, marketing and pricing materials in order that they could convert a classroom into a retail training room and provide students with a simulated supermarket set up in which to learn.


Through this initiative, FairPrice hopes to help students with special needs gain skills that can help them secure employment in a range of different roles in the workforce.